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Our 10+ years experience within  Life Science and beyond has helped these amazing companies have successful events and expand their marketing activities! 

The key is to see the world through your customer’s eyes so that we can focus on what is most impactful for them. 

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Our purpose is clear and it is to help companies and organizations in the scientific sector achieve the best return on investment when it comes to events. We know very well how much time, effort and budget goes selecting, exhibiting or running your event! That is why we at Sort My Events can help you:

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The team

Our team is not big bit it puts its heart to the project at hand. If in need to scale up we have a great network of trusted freelancers who can take any project and take it to success!

Ivan Karabaliev


SPARK those Ideas

Great Ideas come to life when talking to great minds! Sometimes the idea is deep in your mind and a short conversation with like-minded experts triggers it! 

Lets spark that idea! 

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